22nd Nov Posn and Diary

Sat 24 Nov 2012 00:32
Well its official, we’re off! Antigua here we come. All the guys enjoyed the busy stopover in Sao Vicente in the Cape Verdes. The favourite attractions were the markets, big volcanic sand beaches and of course a few pints in the sailor’s bar. Simon even ended up playing the flute with a band on Tuesday night. Many new friends were made on other boats heading west and also Jeremy a Vende Globe race participant heading back north to France after being forced to retire due to a damaged canting keel mechanism.
The conditions are perfect as we now sail west rounding the bottom of Ilha de Santo Antao, the most westerly of the Cape Verde islands. Conditions are perfect, the moon is close to full illuminating the rolling swell, the stars are out, 25 knots on the starboard quarter. The trade winds look settled at present, no storm activity at all in the Atlantic, lets hope it remains that way. The crew are in good form, the boat is 100% fully functioning, stowed and well provisioned. 2095 nautical miles to Antigua, we hope to sail this in approximately 14 days. All the guys say hi and send heir love to family and friends at home and to those following our diary. As of tomorrow we will rotate the diary duty so that everyone gets a chance to say their bit. All’s good on board the good ship Elvis Magic, we hope all’s well at home.
22nd Nov Position at 2300 UT 16:53.9N 025:04.8W COG 265 T, SOG 8 kts. Departing the Cape Verdes for Antigua. 2095 nm to go.