23rd Nov Posn and Diary - Part 1

Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:02
Hi all, in interest of more info, we have adopted new approach to our diary entries, todays authors are Darren and Eoghan.
We are going to up date you to what we go up to in Cape Verde up one day at a time, so as to not overload you all!!
Arriving in Cape Verde on the 19th of November
We arrived on the afternoon of the 19th of November to Cape Verde. As we cruised into port at a steady 5 knots, we entered the harbour to the site of rusted tankers laying in the bay a few of which were resting on the sea bed floor with waves rolling in from the Atlantic over there half sunken decks.
we docked up at the fuel berth topping up are tanks with just under 550 litters of fuel ,after we docked up alongside a Vendee Globe competitors boat under the skippers name of Jeremy Beyoue, who had to retire after breaking a part of his canting keel only two weeks into the non stop single handed around the world race. This was his second time having to retire in his second attempt in competing in this race.
As we set foot on land we headed off to the local sailors bar for some food , the dish we all went for was the fish burger.
That night we made friends with a delivery crew parked next door made up of 1 Scottish and 2 English, the entertainment and venue was supplied by ourselves while they provided a lovely chicken and potatoes with a side of cuscus and cheery tomatoes.War stories and jokes were shared an had.
As the Vendee globe shore crew where enjoying a drink on their 75 ft. catamaran parked beside us, they may have overheard our laughter and wanted to join in our festivities , with a personal invitation from Jeremy himself to join them on board.
Darren seized this opportunity to accost him a few quick Q and A session which lasted for an hour with the result of a business card exchange, but he never got a tour of the boat.
while Darren was burning the ear of him, pam and Nathan were practicing their Olympic routine on the bow of the cats netting, the rest of us were stretching out are vocal cords. with all of us sympathising with Jeremy’s second failed attempt, we explained to him the saying “third time lucky” . On completion of one last fizzy pop.... we ventured over to the sailors bar where we discovered our first mate Simon aka Wookie playing on stage with a local band , one guitarist, a tambourine player and a singer.. only to take a breath to sip on his grog or to catch himself from falling off his bar stool..
23rd Nov Position at 2200 UT 16:09.3N 027:03.6W COG 265 T, SOG 8 kts. Kite up, sailing beautifully. 1983 nm to Antigua.
NEWS FLASH, crew member involved in flying fish collision.... stay tuned for more info....