Lanzarotte. But it was close !

Bardeau returns across Atlantic
Robert Bard
Sat 15 Sep 2012 10:14
28:51.370N 013:48.837W

Well although they say a miss is as good as a mile never ask an Ossie to navigate. Las Palmas I said. Where? He said. Canary islands I said . Put the cursor on it and we follow the line. Jeez skip he said, that's easy. So here we are at the Rubicon marina in Lanzarotte with only 108 miles still to go. We had a good run fromGibraltar. The lights of lanzarotte at 4am in the morning were very impressive I am told. Last night in the marina we went to an outside restaurant for dinner: cheapest meal I have ever eaten. Mid fillet steak fell asleep ... Apparently mid sentence ... If it was boring enough to knock me out I pity the underlings. Was woken to leave an hour later bill paid ! Thanks David
Leaving 2pm for 20 hour crossing to Gran Canaria