A half Neilson

Bardeau returns across Atlantic
Robert Bard
Wed 29 Aug 2012 12:31
As I write we are rounding the corner at Cape Trafalgar.
Ian the fireman says he has the exact coordinates of the battle and could we stop at sea and crack a few tubes of Heineken in memory of Neilson. Neilson I had to point out was a singer songwriter of the 60s. Nelson on the other hand was a physically handicapped person of semi restricted growth who if he had been alive today may well have won the Paralympics sailing and shooting events as well as knocking the bejesus out of the French in the Frigate Sinking event.
Anyway we are due Gibraltar just before midnight. I had to
Ask jill GB to step into the forward mastersuite whilst i administered a concentrated dose of puppy dog eyes whilst holding my nose and pointing at my now ponging bed. It worked. By the time I had showered my bed was renewed, turned down , a towel and made up swan on it.
One other moment of amusement today was a firemen leaning in through a hatch whilst redoing some string stuff on the boom and asking me for a shekel. Money ? Begging? At sea? Why I asked ?
Cos this other shackle ain't got a pin ...