A life on the ocean wave and hot dogs

Bardeau returns across Atlantic
Robert Bard
Thu 29 Nov 2012 10:07

24 49 53N 019 013 17W
Done over 300 miles now, with only a bit to go. Last night's great Atlantic cook-off was a creation, by David. For lunch we had mince pate a la circular, with an enveloping fusion of bread on either side. The drink was a tin each of the only thing the Canaries know how to do well, Tropical beer. Eco values are now coming thick and fast to the good ship Bardeau. We have recycling hatches in the ceiling. One is marked Glass and tins, the other food and waste. We on deck all know when our brace of chefs are at work by the profusion of objects that come flying out through the hatches into the sea. As illustrious skipper I keep reminding them to use the right hatch for the right refuse.
Our fishing line which we are optimistically trawling across the Atlantic at the moment gave us a pause for thought yesterday when something rather large with big teeth bit through it taking away our second lure of the trip. We no longer have any pink squid lures. What we do have is a fridge and freezer full of hotdogs so no immediate worries. Jaws 2 v Bardeau nil. Guest Chef of the day today is Mr Kennedy. His offering for lunch will be beef en croute with seasonal vegetables...or as David scornfully refers to it, Meat Pie. I am rather doubtful as I think we have loadsa meat pies in tins anyway. However it will be hot dogs for lunch, with more tropical beer.
We must be heading roughly in the right direction as the weather is getting warmer. However we have a problem. It keeps getting darker earlier. We have worked out that by changing the ships clocks we can change sunrise and sunset. This has very conveniently led us to the conclusion that we can bring forward meal times. It was suggested yesterday that we could try merging them all into one.

El illustrious skipper