Ground Dog Day

Bardeau returns across Atlantic
Robert Bard
Sat 1 Dec 2012 08:08
21.48N 23.49W

True excitement on board this morning. Mr Kennedy was consulting his Mr Norrie's Book of Celestial Navigation when he made a discovery. Today is ground dog day. The clocks go back at mid-day so we can have lunch twice in two hours. It's a double dog and double beer day. Firstly the technical stuff. Last night was tumble dryer night.Our weather guru predicted a night of big waves and turmoil. We had forgotten about that...but we were soon reminded. It seems that in our roller coaster state we hit 12.4 knots wildly surfing down a wave with the Beach Boys playing loudly on the radio. C Dundee and his Moll, Gen, were on watch, and we could here 'Yihaaa' echoing forward from the cockpit. Today is the day that JK gets his present from his former colleagues at the Hampshire fire service. It will be presented during ground dog hour.
Till later
El Illustrious Skipper