Midnight off the Needles

Bardeau returns across Atlantic
Robert Bard
Sun 19 Aug 2012 23:19
Well off to a bad start. The Great Wall in Gosport were fully booked so pre departure dinner was a takeaway served on deck. We are motoring due to a lack of wind...outside that is...but the benefit of this has been to allow the serving of a delicate little wine with a helping of Amber's Home Made apple crumble and clotted Devon cream. She said it was the deadly nightshade version. Anyway despite the danger involved (indigestion) I have retired to my suite having put my shoes out and ticked the breakfast menu left on the door handle. Tomorrow will no doubt bring its trials and tribulations but tomorrows priority is to try out the ice cream maker ... The rum and the raisins stand waiting. Estimate we will be France side by afternoon - heading for Ushant... Sounds like a sneeze.
Till later