47:47N 08:54W

Sun 30 Jun 2019 13:57
222nm to Roskof France, to be reached before wind turns NE, 6kts of wind heading 68degr ENE. Yesterday not as much wind as predicted, we didn't get to the waypoint at 48N we wanted to. We still aim a little more north than the direct line, still hoping to pick up a few extra kts off wind to be able to use the genacker.
Last evening around 17.00h the wind ceased, so we put up the symmetric (spinakker) and continued the whole night. So this is the first time we (just the two of us) dared to use that setting (still without the mainsail) during the night. It feels great, one of those small victories. The only condition was that the one that was not on watch had to sleep in sailing gear so that in case something went wrong, help was there immediatly. But this morning when the wind went under 6knots we had to start motoring and broke rule number 1: 'We do not motor', because the wind will come ahead of us in a day or 2 and we're almost at the mainland. We are thinking about landing at Roskoff in France. Around noon the kids woke me up because mom saw a huge whale at 50m in front off the boat (in Shamrock Valley). At first we only saw a huge amount of common dolphins which let us at the bow but eventually saw a humpback whale far away. With the book we bought in the Azores we can now determine which dolphins, whales, fish, birds etc we see, which is nice.
Still love this boat. I think it's already decided to keep her a bit longer. I am really looking forward to clean, polish, wax, antifouill her and so many other to do's.
To be continued.
We are on a whale watch tour today and saw a convoi Short Finned Pilot Whale swimming in the opposite direction next to the boat. We are happy to have put on the engine because it attracks all kind of sealife. We saw dolphins hunt or being hunted, jumping around in and out of the water.
We denken dat we deze keer definitief onze bestemming hebben gekozen, Roskoff. Het was daar een mooie jachthaven, goed sanitair, strandje en rotsen in de buurt, gratis bus naar het stadje, goeie supermarkt te bereiken met de gratis bus en zoete specialiteiten... De voorspelling voor vandaag was 6 tot 10 kts. Met 6 kunnen we niet veel, 't is net niet genoeg om deftig vooruit te geraken met de spinacker of genacker, met 10 gaan we dan sneller dan op motor. Het is nog steeds 6 ... en dus zijn we aan het motoren.  Maar het is wel lekker heet zonnetje buiten, de eerste keer dat de truien en lange broeken binnen mogen blijven. En aangezien we nog slechts 222nm van onze bestemming zijn, ongeveer 2 dagen, kunnen we het ons met het waterverbruik ook permitteren om ons een lekkere douche buiten te nemen.