12:02N 061:45W St George, Grenada

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Sun 19 May 2013 22:45
Our pyjama party was very relaxing although we had to turn Adele up very loud indeed to compete with a karaoke night that screeched its way to us from onshore.  The singers of Hillsborough were really really bad but patently did not realise.
It transpires that the navigator really does need to go on a refresher course. It took at least a full ten minutes to work out during passage planning why, most confusingly, there were two Caille Islands on the map. The inserted plan did look very much part of the whole chart to me, it really did. Doh again.
This morning we sailed down from Carriacou to Grenada leaving Hillsborough just as the arrogant American from yesterday took off over our heads in the Cessna 430 (or some other detailed model number) that he flies for “someone very important”.  We jeered him on his way.
It was an odd sort of sail today, gentle breezes of around 11 to 15 knots requiring the full mainsail out to make steady progress interspersed with gusts of up to 23 that had WIndy veering to port into the wind and the auto pilot shrieking in panic.  As we were trying very hard to avoid the exclusion zone around the active volcano in our path, just to port, this was particularly inconvenient and also meant that Bob had to bob up and down to let in, out, in out shake it all about the main sheet.  It should have been an easy sail but ended up less than relaxing although Bob enjoyed lunch, his favourite “Waldorf slaw”.
We anchored tidily and companionably outside St George’s and with beer in hand have decided on our itinerary for the next few days, sort of, Bob can be hard to tie down.  Bob is sitting with added fetching red spots from head to toe, the ones on his clothes from an over enthusiastic addition of oil to the dinghy fuel container and a gust of wind, and the ones on his legs an accumulated collection of irritating insect bites of unknown source.  Hopefully we are sufficiently offshore to avoid any further stealthy mossie attacks tonight.