Nearly Straight

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Fri 10 May 2013 22:46
We cheered Bob up by revisiting a favourite spot for dinner, The Edge, last night. We were the only people there because the St Lucia Jazz Festival is full swing and the swinging was happening down the street.  We revelled in our personal attention and had a delicious dinner with carefully selected wines for each course.  It was so good that we didn’t notice when the heavens opened with splash back onto our feet and we didn’t even mind the giant sized beetle thing that tried to have a nibble at the bread basket and accompanying dips (the pesto was to die for with the Caribbean touch of chilli flakes).  Mr Beetle had such good taste that we christened him Greg.
A quiet Saturday ensued and Bob has nearly put everything to rights with much discussion on stowage options.  We have so much space to put things that we are spoiled for choice.  We are hoping that we now have all essential facilities and are feeling quite confident about setting off on Monday with all things working.  We have certainly stocked up on enough water and beer, although the gin and tonic is disappearing rather too rapidly, so we should be ok.
We pottered over to Rodney Bay Village this afternoon to purchase a more suitable back pack than we had brought with us, as modern cabin baggage it was too enormous to drag around in this heat and we have plumped for a neat little blue bag , that is actually blue, to stow all our papers as required on trips around the Caribbean.  We also checked out the restaurants “Village side” because we are really fed up with the offerings in the marina and have booked ourselves into Xavier’s tonight.  Bob carefully timed the walk from restaurants to dock side and deemed nine minutes and 50 seconds acceptable.  It has opened up so many more possibilities for our jaded palates.
Oh my, I have just had my attention brought to yet another glorious sunset.  The “nun is over the yard arm” and I quote, that was even before I tucked into the first gin and tonic, and our evening unfolds.  Bliss.