13:50N 061:03W Malgretout

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Sat 26 May 2012 22:26
Dinner with the “pirates” was good once we had found something on the menu that they actually had.  You can’t go wrong with fish of the day and it was an absolutely delicious mahi mahi.  The meal was rounded up with a 5 minute flambe banana. It may not beat the record for burning time but the sauce was deliciously buttery and limey beneath the kick of rum.
We set off in reasonable time and flopped along the coast of St Vincent glaring at the sea all sails up, making just a couple of knots with an ETA on the GPS of 2am.  Boring.  Once we cleared the Soufriere volcano things looked up and we immediately picked up a good blast of 18 to 20 and skipped along.  Taking a reef in the mainsail added another knot and it looked as if we would arrive at teatime. For some reason the wind seemed to be right on our nose again.  How can this keep happening whichever direction we want to go in?
I daren’t really put in writing the mishap of the day.  I popped down to use the loo and chose the forward one as we were on the right tack.  It has always been slightly problematical in that it is set too far back for normal human beings.  As we reared and plunged in the waves I took a backwards plunge of my own to take a seat.  Unfortunately the seat parted company from the loo.  Nothing to do with too many good dinners you understand.  (Fortunately it has taken Mr Fixit all of two minutes to restore it to rights).
After a lovely, sunny and mostly carefree sail we parked up under Petit Piton on a mooring ball.  You really cannot beat the view. 
Unfortunately we can’t raise any local restaurants on the radio. We assume that it is end of season syndrome as we contemplate the end of our own holiday.  Sad smile