N14:04:28 W061:01:26 Marigot Bay

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Thu 1 Jan 2015 22:52
Sushi was delicious and we ordered enough to make sure that is was served in a fancy wooden boat.  They chivvied us out just after 8pm, just giving us time to celebrate the New Year on UK time, as all the staff were keen to get off partying.  We wandered, replete, back to Windy where we quaffed a gin and tonic or two before taking to our beds.  At midnight we woke to a burst of fireworks all around us which I got a very good view of by standing on the bed and poking my head out of the hatch. 
We had a gentle rising, a leisurely breakfast, a chat with the lovely German family next door, and prepared to journey onwards.  Fortunately before we left the fruit man pooped alongside his rickety two tier raft, more precarious than ever.  He was able provide us with Basil 4 to accompany us on our journey and we filled the fruit bowl with breakfast goodies for Fran.  We set off, somewhat nervously as there was a good wind blowing and Ulrich was on the dock watching having just warned us that it was “wild out there”, and escaped unscathed.
It really wasn’t too bad out in the bay but we cautiously decided to keep the mainsail to a sensible size, just in cases.  We encountered a mad Sunsail boat careering all over the place with every inch of mainsail possible out, mind you just the mainsail which was odd.  We sedately sailed off down towards Marigot, the wind gusting vigorously but then falling back to a gentle lull so we strolled along, very relaxed and happy to be back at sea.  The lunatic boat followed us all the way, somewhat erratically, and parked just a few metres away in Marigot Bay.  The erratic boat is full of extremely loud Americans so we have been regaled with all their conversation and the acrobatic antics of the Tarzan hollering son (old enough to know better) in what is meant to be a peaceful little lagoon. It was hilarious when the man of the boat drove the mother in to shore, smacked hard into the quayside and sent her sprawling.  Oh how I laughed.  
We arrived in time for lunch, Bob’s favourite Waldorf slaw, and have spent a most pleasant afternoon, sunning ourselves, reading books and I took an investigatory swim to check out the mangroves (with our newly acquired knowledge from Martinique).  I was even able to identify the popping sounds as methane!
Bob is fretting about our onward journey, “will we be able to check out in Vieux Fort?”, so plans are a bit up in the air.  We will clarify tomorrow.  In the meantime I have been challenged to Scrabble by Fran and have a gin and tonic in hand so time to sign off.