12:32N 061:23W Petit St Vincent

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Wed 23 May 2012 15:38
We like Bequia.  There is something very chilled out about it so we pottered in to do Customs (5 immaculately dressed officials aligned behind their desks looking bored out of their minds, filled in endless forms and carted them round from Customs to Immigration, all of two steps to the next window).  It was air conditioned so quite a pleasant half hour. We pottered about, popped into the well stocked chandlers and the less well stocked supermarket where we bought a couple more rounds of Hairoun beer.  For the rest of the day we hunkered down in the saloon while the rain did its thing and then popped over to Gingerbread for a curry in the evening, equipped with rain jackets which make very good splash shields in the dinghy, where I was hauled on to the dinghy dock by a not quite all there Clive who deserved a few Ecs just for the haulage fee.
We left at 0830 (yes, I did say left at 0830) and headed for Mustique but the wind was right on our nose so we changed our minds, so easily done with so many islands to choose from, and headed instead for Petit St Vincent which we had visited years ago and had a brilliant sail down the Atlantic side of Tobago Cays (missing the Worlds End reef by a mile).  I won’t of course mention Bob tying on the jibe preventer and falling back into the cockpit like a sack of spuds because that would hurt his feelings.
Petit St Vincent is as idyllic as we remembered and has had improvements in the way of a beach bar and restaurant.  We arrived on movie night so sipped our Planters Punch on the beach while contentedly watching Trading Places (that old chestnut) before a delicious dinner (I had prawn and scallop ceviche followed by lobster pizza, Bob had smoked salmon and potato salad followed by guava glazed ribs. Mmmm.)   We ate at a table carved out of a tree trunk where the only downside was the number of inlets where you could very easily lose your drink.
Our evening was marred by our return journey when the outboard cut out requiring Bob to row like a whirling dervish against the current and wind to get back to Windy.  We both thought he was going to have a heart attack and I was soaked, sanded and salted through.
More heavy rain in the night but after a bit of passage planning this morning we are heading off to Mustique via Canouan – maybe, maybe not.