13:14N 061:16W Wallilabou

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Fri 25 May 2012 22:25
What a contrast.  Today has been an idyllic Caribbean day with constant sunshine, easy breezes and gentle waves lolling along. 
We  went into Port Elizabeth to clear out with the same bored, smartly uniformed gentlefolk at Customs and went and investigated Doris’s supermarket in Back Street and found a treasure trove of goodies. Where else would you find risotto rice, basmati rice and couscous as well as Marmite, Bisto and Branston pickle all in one Caribbean shop.
We set sail towards “home” and languidly decided to head north and decide where we wanted to stop off on the way.  As we bobbled along we chose Wallilabou .  This is the place where they filmed chunks of the Pirates of the Caribbean and it is indeed a classic bay with soaring cliffs smothered with green vegetation, the essential coconut palms to immediately place the viewer, great caves and even a natural arch.  Parts of the film set remains and the proprietors of the restaurant have created a little museum.  They also seem to have an enormous collection of telephones but no explanation for this predilection.
We have been exceedingly lucky that there are only 7 yachts moored here, in high season they manage to squeeze in over 20.  The mooring balls are being refurbished so we are anchored stern to with a line to the shore which we achieved liked real pros with the assistance of Alex, a chatty fellow who had to keep bailing out his boat on account of the hole in it.
We are eating ashore tonight.  We thought we should pop our heads in to see if it was open (so much has been closed because it is the end of the season) and I was concerned that it too would be being refurbished because I could see a chap up a ladder.  On closer inspection this turned out to be a model of a pirate and part of the theming.  Doh!  I spotted another pirate “propped” up at the bar and went looking for a real person.  I was somewhat surprised when the bar model turned out to be a genuine alive man.  I was, hopefully, sufficiently apologetic for mistaking him for a dummy.