14:32N 061:02W Les Trois Islets

Wind Charger
Bob and Elizabeth Frearson
Tue 8 May 2012 23:21
We set off from St Anne in good cheer looking forward to another good day’s sail.  Sadly the weather had a mind of its own and having hitched a ride in our suitcases across the Atlantic rain poured down solidly and splodgily on our heads for most of the sail.  We were bundled up in our wet weather gear which we thought we were only keeping on the boat for lack of anywhere else for it to live.  We didn’t even have much wind to go with the sploshing torrent and ended up motoring half the way to Les Trois Islets.
Les Trois Islets turned out to be a wee bit tricky.  The three islands that give the place its name, wear skirts of sand that are ready to catch the unwary, or indeed those being very, very wary but not realising just how far said skirts spread. 
Our chosen spot for anchoring was aborted on the grounds of the map not matching the chart or the sat nav and appearing to be very shallow.  We moved on to plan B without entirely preparing for this eventuality.  The lessons learnt were: sat nav does not always give accurate information and that it is very irritating for yer man to whip the map away at the moment critique.  However we were only run aground for a moment or two before we escaped and parked ourselves in a far more satisfactory 3.8 metres of water. 
We then pottered into town which on the whole was closed for the day and made the mistake of having a post mortem over a beer, very soon returning to skulk about on board waiting for tempers to cool.  The restaurant for dinner looks nice so lets hope that ruffled feathers have smoothed!