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Date: 13 Jun 2011 18:25:25
Title: 42:05:45N 008:58:62W

The entrance to Baiona is rather spectacular.  Firstly avoiding a good many evil looking rocks, being greeted by the giant size Madonna on the first rock outcrop and the fort that has been guarding the entrance for over 900 years on the second.  It is the landing place of the first boat back from the New World, Columbus having gone on to Porto in the sister ship, and there is a fantastic replica of the boat La Pinta in the harbour with most informative audio guide.  We had no idea that three native Americans came back with them from that very first trip.  it brings a new meaning to the word braves.
We arrived for dinner and found a fishy restaurant on the seafront where we decided to go mad and order every Spanish speciality that we could as it was our last supper in Spain.  Bob was particularly pleased with his Spanish omelette and Stuart and Haley shared a paella which was big enough to feed a family.
We were in hoots over the classic comment of the day.  When hailed by our neighbouring boat (Brit) as we dinghied by “Where are you going?”, Bob replied “into town” to which they replied “we’re on our way back to blighty from the Algarve”.
We awoke to grey skies, and mopped up the rain that had come in over night through open portholes,  but spent a very pleasant few hours ashore walking the walls of the fort, wandering through the old town, visiting La Pinta, climbing the Madonna statue(Stuart and Haley), having a beer and people watching (Bob and me), listening to nuns singing behind a screen in the overly ornate convent church (Bob and me).  The nuns were keen but not in tune indeed there seemed to be a bit of a battle going on between the chief singing nun and the organist over the notes.
Bob and I raided a supermarket for Spanish goodies and after our very own late lunch tapas it was time to head off.  Next stop Nazaire but it appears that it is going to take us some time to get there.  We have a weak and wimpy wind virtually on our nose AGAIN.
I send this to you from the chart table, via the sat phone accompanied by the dulcet tones of Stuart taking a nap before his night watch.  His snoring would do well alongside the nuns.

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