Tuesday 27th December

Fri 30 Dec 2005 22:02
Title: Message
The Baths - Virgin Gorda
We had planned to get up very early this morning and sail over to The Baths on Virgin Gorda. Ian and Ron were the usual early birds and they had the boat ready to up anchor at 7.00am. Everyone else was still in bed when we started the engine the skipper awoke and joined them.
It was only an hour across the bay from Marina Cay to The Baths and we arrived early enough to get the prime mooring next to the little beach at the entrance to the caves. This was a good move as within the hour the entire bay and all of the moorings filled up very quickly.
The rest of the crew awoke to the sound of the waves crashing over the rocks. The Baths are a most unusual formation of large granite boulders, where the sea washes in between the huge rocks, large pools have been created where shafts of light play upon the water, creating a dramatic effect. The beach adjacent to the Baths is white and sandy and the snorkelling excellent.
There is a trail through the rocks that you can follow through the rocks so Rory, Frazer, Andy and Ian went exploring.   
Once we had navigated the way through the rocks and passages we found ourselves on a larger sandy cove from which we decided to swim back to the boat. We saw a group school of Barracuda on the way back and a lot of very colourful fish.
After a few hours at The Baths we went on to a new snorkelling site at The Wreck of the Rhone, Salt Island.
This was a short sail away where there is a ship wreck that we snorkelled over just before lunch. Nicky (as Nico is now known!) made pasta solo that we were all ready for after so much activity and an early start today.
After lunch we moved on to Cooper Island Beach Club for the afternoon and inevitably sundowners. The boys had been learning to row the dingy and were now experts so they spent the afternoon rowing around the bay.
The rest sat in the Beach club downing one cocktail after another!
Then the sun went down and there was a great view of NOW3 just as the sun went down.
We had a festival of curry for our dinner cooked up by the skipper as he wanted all of  the tinned food used up before we left Tortola. It was pitch black by 6.30pm and we set off for Nanny Cay in the dark.
Nowcrew out.