Friday 16th December

Sat 17 Dec 2005 18:45
Title: Message
English Harbour - Antigua
We Left Des Haises at dawn and set off on a 40 mile sail to Antigua. The wind was on the nose of the boat so we crashed through the waves and had a lot of spray over the decks and into the cockpit. We made good time sailing at about 8 knots and we soon had Antigua in sight. The only event of the crossing was a pan pan alarm call over the radio to say that a fisherman had injured himself about 30 miles south of us. This was too far for us to do anything so we carried on into English Harbour.
We pulled up on the quay side in English Harbour at mid day and were soon setting about sorting and cleaning the boat. The longest task of the afternoon was trying to hook up to the power supply. first we had to rent a local plug for the marina sockets and then had lengthy problems with the power tripping out all the time. Ron, Ian and Nico persevered to trace the problem and ended up spending 3 hours sorting it out! Not what we had planned for Friday afternoon.
Tom Jnr. disappeared to find a friend who lived close by and we found someone to take the laundry and clean the salt off the boat. The skipper wanted it looking in top form for when the girls arrived the next day.
We bumped into several other crews who had been in the ARC during the afternoon and Shalan pulled in 3 boats down from us. Before we knew it the annoying voice of the owner was barking at the back of the boat, "Is Simon still with you?". We all ran for cover to avoid him as the last thing we wanted was another conversation about the motoring hours in the Atlantic crossing! (He had annoyed us a lot in St Lucia)
Late afternoon was spent exploring the harbour which is a wonderful place. It has a long history and is best known as Nelsons home when he was in the Caribbean. The harbour is in a fortified inlet and is known in the region as the most secure place to leave a boat in hurricane season. A lot of the original buildings from that time still exist and have been very well restored.
The evening was spend with Ron taking us on a tour of some of his favourite watering holes and we dined at a great local restaurant called Trapars. Nothing salubrious but great food. Surprisingly we ended up sitting next to the crew from a boat we met the previous night in Des Haises. As we chatted again one of the guys introduced himself to Andy as Simon King "King of Shaves". Great product said Andy I use it all the time!! ( White lie.... but touting for business as they are big advertisers!)
We had a night cap at the HQ restaurant next to the boat and booked a table for the following evening when the families arrived. There will be 12 of us as of tomorrow! A full boat I think.
Nowcrew out.