Saturday 17th December

Mon 19 Dec 2005 19:25
Title: Message
Family Arrival Day - English Harbour Antigua
Today was change over day on Now3. The families of the remaining crew were arriving and we were saying goodbye to Tom & Maureen.
There were some final chores to organise in the morning. Tom did some laundry runs and Nico & Ron set about fixing the main sail batons, a task they wished they had never started but all was resolved by late morning and we had fully powered main sail again. Andy and Ian did some shopping in Falmouth Harbour so that we had enough food for breakfast the next morning. Feeding 12 was going to be tougher than the 8 crew on the crossing.
Final scrub down of the boat was completed and we had a last lunch together with Tom and Maureen before Andy went off to the Airport with them.
Fraser Here: We were on the plane and ready for a long flight. We took our seats and began to settle in and almost immediately fell asleep. About two hours later I woke up and watched a movie. For the other few hours it was back to sleep.                                       
We soon arrived and walked into the airport. First we showed our passports and went through customs.            
After that we grabbed our bags and went outside. We met Andrew (Dad) and piled into the mini bus.                      
After a ten minute drive we were at the boat. When we arrived granddad showed us                       
about the area. We found out that Nelson had had a room here and even saw his bed.
The family had arrived and were soon settled in. After everyone was acclimatized we all went to the Galley bar for drinks and then onto the HQ restaurant for an early evening meal. This was a special treat as the HQ is a very up market restaurant in the old officers club in English Harbour. We had a table for 12 on the balcony over looking the boat. We were certainty starting in style with girls.
As the tired kids were heading off to bed around ten we all finished our dinners and soon followed them with the exception of Nico and Sarah who sat up chatting until 2.00am in the morning. He must have missed her more than he wanted to let on!!
Nowcrew out.