Friday 18th November

Fri 18 Nov 2005 19:35
Title: Message
Bails's turn tonight as the skippers typing hands are having a night off.
It's Friday evening and we are all sat in the main cabin having a team beer! Tollers our last crew member is arriving shortly and we intend to have a final blast at the ARC party tonight before we set sail on Sunday. Skippers insisting on a dry night tomorrow night! Oh he so wants to be first across the start line!
We thought we would be getting loads of party stories from the core team who arrived last Saturday but all we've heard are tales of hard graft and early nights so not much to report EXCEPT for the ARC fancy dress party when the boys let their hair down, just a little! See Pic...
This is a shot of our elder crew members at the party, Ron -The skippers dad, and his best mate Tom!
Last night was the official Benateau dinner which we made by the skin of our teeth but the NOW CREW set the tone of the race by a wonderful rendition of The Keeper song lead by uncle Tom! (I bet you know the words Frazer?)
Simon one our crew members was playing host at the dinner as he is also the Sunbird/Benateau representative at the ARC. Yes we did good inviting him to join the crew as he has been our Spanish Speaking secret weapon and has been a real star in coordinating all of the food shopping.Yes we have got more to survive off than the cans you all saw in Tuesdays report.
Crew picture in Las Palmas Yacht Club after Benateau Dinner
Over and out for today, more updates tomorrow so stay connected.