Monday 26th December

Tue 27 Dec 2005 16:16
Title: Message
Boxing Day - Marina Cay Tortola
We spent the morning on land at The Bitter End. It was self service brunch at the hotel restaurant and then we explored the resort which is a high class all inclusive adventure holiday hotel. If anyone wanted a taste of the Caribbean with a lot of water sports activities included in a very beautiful venue then this would be highly recommended.
After lunch we set sail again and headed for Marina Cay. This is set between Scrub Island and Great Camanoe. It is nestled behind a reef and has an all weather anchorage. Ashore there was a Pusser's company Store and a beech bar and restaurant and a little six room hotel. The shallow, warm, waters behind the reef of the lagoon make it ideal for snorkelling.
Most of the crew swam or snorkelled to the beech and then sat at the beach bar and had cocktails. Rory, Jason and Frazer collected coral pieces in the lagoon and they used them to make up messages in the sand later.
This setting is often described in guides as a tropical jewel and at sunset we all saw why. The light reflected off the shallow waters of the reef and the scene was magical.
We ate on the boat that night using up more of the M&S meals we had stocked the boat with for the ARC. after we had eaten Ron used the big torch to spot for fish in the shallow clear waters and soon lit up a giant manta ray just under the surface. This was one of the largest rays we had seen on this journey. You usually see small one's on the sandy bottom when snorkelling but this had come up to the surface to feed.
We were about to all have an early night when Dan persuaded us to head back to the beach bar for a few night caps. Ron looked after Jason, Rory and Frazer and we shuttled in on the dingy. It was great to sit on the fine sandy beach in the dark with a bottle of red stripe and chat about our adventures so far.
Nowcrew out.