Wednesday 21st December

Thu 22 Dec 2005 13:55
Title: Message
"Pirates Bay" - The Bight, Norman Island, BVI's
It was up at 04.00 for Andy, Ron and Ian and we set sail towards the BVI's. this was going to be a 13 hour sail so we needed a very early start. Ian was on lobster pot duty up front, which was not easy in the moonlight, and we slowly made our way from Gustavia Bay out to sea.
We were clearly in busy waters, we passed one ship after the next as we sailed around St. Martin and Anguilla. Two cruise liners lit up like Christmas trees were anchored up off the southern point of Anguilla and as we passed these the rain started.
We sat on deck as the morning broke in waterproofs trying to find a dry spot which proved difficult. Nico had joined us so Ron was off to bed again soon to be followed by Andy. Nico, Ian and later Sarah sat out one rain shower after the next and after a few hours were wet through despite the waterproofs. Every time it looked like the sky's were getting brighter another black cloud would find it's way over the boat. At times this felt worse than being mid Atlantic.
It was 8 hours into the trip before Ron relieved Ian and guess what the rain stopped! Well not totally but for the most. Andy soon did the same for Nico and Sarah and we all had to have hot showers to warm us up again.
It took until 17.00 before we arrived at the BVI's and as this was after the customs had closed down we decided to pull into a secure anchorage for the night. We passed Dead Man's Chest and Treasure Island until Ron selected "Pirates Bay" on Norman Island for the night. The kids were loving being in these surroundings.
Pirates Bay was a very well organised anchorage with secure buoys for all the boats to pull up to. Once secured a launch pulled up alongside to take our rubbish and sold groceries / essentials. Civilized sailing at last! 
Ian set about making Thai Red Curry for dinner and everyone was ferried ashore in the dingy to a shack on the beach for drinks. The beach bar was a great hang out for all the yacht crews in the bay and had it's own Pirates souvenir store as well so Bab's topped up on Xmas gifts for the boys. Gillian and Rory built a big sandcastle on the beach and its was not long before he had found himself a new girlfriend to help! Back to the boat for the curry dinner, mild version for most and extra hot for Frazer and Ian and guess what? Yes all in bed for 10.00!!
Nowcrew out!