Sunday 18th December

Tue 20 Dec 2005 01:24
Title: Message
Jolly Harbour - Antigua
Sunday Morning in English Harbour was wet and overcast. We all got up early and Nico took his kids for a walk along the fortified walls of the harbour entrance.
Late morning everyone walked over to Falmouth, we had coffees and juices in the marina as the kids had a look over the Gipsy Moth IV that had pulled up along side the quay side. It was hard to imagine that this yacht had been the pioneer of long distance sailing you can give me Now3 any day. As we walked back to the boat the heavens opened again and we were all soaked by the time we arrived. Never the less we got the boat ready to set sail as we were off to Jolly Harbour in the north of the island for the night. A short sail to get the new arrivals accustomed to the boat at sea.
As we attempted to pull away from the quay side we lifted the anchor and at the same time managed to snag a mooring line with it. As we lifted the anchor out of the water the line lifted up the hull and wrapped itself around the prop. We quickly secured the boat again and Andy pulled out the mask and dive bottle to go down and cut the line loose. Half an hour later and problem solved we set sail for Jolly Harbour!
We stopped on the way of a beautiful beach for a late lunch and to allow the kids to have a swim off the back of the boat. It was then on to Jolly Harbour before sundown. We arrived at 16.30 to find the place deserted. It was Sunday and everyone had gone home! We picked a berth and tied up for the night. Babs took a crew off to the beach for a late swim as Ron, Andy and Ian waited to make sure we had not pulled into someone's berth and after dark we had a walk to find an open restaurant for the evening meal.
The Dog Watch bar and restaurant on Jolly Harbour key side was close to the boat and open! The only on of many establishments in the marina. It brought back memories for those of us who had done the Antigua week with Ron in 1999 as we had spent a few hours in this bar at the start of that adventure so many years ago.
Nowcrew out.