Sunday 27th November

Sun 27 Nov 2005 15:01
Title: Message
Only a very quick report today as we are in very rough sea's and it is difficult to type.
We had an excellent days progress yesterday, we clocked up 200 miles in 24 hours and also went through our first 1000 miles over the water. The euphoria of all this was soon to end however.
As dusk fell it was very clear we were heading for a rough night ahead. The first reef went into the main sail closely followed by two others and we battened down the hatches for some high winds. A the night drew on the winds built and built and the waves were pounding over the decks. At it's highest point we recorded 60 knots winds which is a force 10 tropical storm.
Although a little battered the boat and crew made it through the night and we are now sitting through a bumpy day with high sea's and all the knock on effects of a big storm.
More to follow in calmer sea's.
Nowcrew out.