The one that didn't get away.

Tue 22 Nov 2005 14:38
Title: Message
Day 2, the wind dropped overnight - we found ourselves completely becalmed, no heroics here, on came the iron-sail (the engine for the non-yachties). We had it running for 25 hours in the end while we turned west and took a direct course for St.Lucia. Moving away from the African coast to search for wind and avoid pirates!
During that time out came the shorts as we all dried out from the previous evening under a cloudless blue sky.
At mid-day there was a may-day broadcast over the SSB radio one of our fleet a smaller boat named Leonie 11 was sinking. Unfortunately we were too far away to help (about 60 miles), however another boat was able to make it to the casualty within 20 minutes and help them bail out and stem the leak. In turn Las Palmas SAR centre sent out a helicopter and dropped a man with a pump. The problem was temporarily solved and the boat returned to Palma to properly solve the problem.
It was really comforting to hear the way the fleet rallied together to help and the professionalism of Yacht Northern Child in coordinating the net.
In the afternoon the fishing rod came out, within an hour we caught this beauty!
A 20lb Dorada/Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi. Bails reeled it in while Andy proceeded to kill it with a claw hammer a macabre death but very quick. Charlie and Nicko did a  fantastic job filleting it, apparently Charlie worked in a fishmonger when he was younger - a hidden talent!
The fish is currently in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.
We had a wonderful spaghetti bolognaise cooked by Simon apparently his Mama's recipe.
Then it was the first showing of "24 episode one on the DVD" player and off for an easy nights watch rota 2 hours on 6 -off 2 hours on 6 off gorgeous!
We've found that simple text only emails come through the system pretty quickly, so if anyone fancies sending one then the address is: nowcrew {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com - we all get pretty excited when we get mail!