Race Day Sunday 20th November

Sun 20 Nov 2005 10:33
Title: Message
If you read this message before 1.00pm on Sunday then you can watch the start of the race from 12.30 onwards on  www.palmasport.es. Look out for NOW3 crossing the start line at about 1.00pm UK time.
So do we take the rum line north where the big weather is or do we follow the trade winds south and risk the doldrums half way across? Who knows what the skipper will decide!
This is our last message from Terra Firma and a few members of the crew have asked me to send a few personal messages from the internet cafe before we rely on the Satellite Phone to upload these diary reports.
Charley wants to tell Lucy that your good luck card is in a prominent position in his bunk and he loves Sue loads.
Nico says to Sarah, Daniel, Sophie and Jason this will take him a little longer than your 12 hour flight, looking forward to seeing you in Antigua.
Tom wants to say Hi to his son Tommy and he looks forward to seeing him in St.Lucia
Ron says Hi to Heather, waiting to see you in St Lucia.
Dave is missing all his girls already Isobel, Ellie and Rosie, he only arrived last night!
The Skipper wants to tell Babs, Frazer and Rory as well as all the Family that he is thinking of them all and thanks to everyone at Ladybarn School who has been following this adventure.
Gillian I hope you are looking forward to the Xmas break,  I will be waiting for you in Antigua and will miss you lots.
We had a great Safety briefing yesterday afternoon and we are are all looking forward to the start now. The early night soon disappeared last night but the adrenaline will get us all through the first day I'm sure.
Don't forget to watch us on-line at 1.00pm!!