Saturday 19th August

Sat 19 Nov 2005 10:10
Title: Message
A morning update today. Skippers had us all up early, even Tollers, to do the last minute preparations before the big day. Yesterday was hard graft with the extended crew all muckin' in and getting the final major prep jobs completed.
This is a pic of the preparation of the the fruit and veg, Las Palmas quay side. Thanks for your help Denise!
Yes we took over the whole of quay 12 for a few hours doing this job!
Nico and Chaz scrubbed the decks while Ian and Andy gave the cabins and galley a good clean and sort out. Don't worry Babs the boat will be leaving all shinny and new.
Met the crew from the boat "About Time" last night who popped over for a couple of sundowners. Good luck with your crossing Patrick and Eamon. I still think your mate was a portly Billy Bragg in disguise!
We all had a few jars at the ARC party after that so there are a few groggy heads about this morning. We made the mistake of befriending the only boat crewed entirely by amputees. They are all ex-forces, mostly with false legs so the usual jokes about being legless were flying about. One asked Tom early in the evening if he would like to join their crew as they had a good looking young lady aboard? As soon as he accepted they all shouted, ok off with his leg!! Top night lads, we bet our heads are in better shape than yours today!
The new Sat phone arrived with DT last night so we are happily linked up to the rest of the world again.(Thanks again to our mate Dunny)  For all our families the phone number is exactly the as the old one.
Last update before we set sail tomorrow.