Radio silence

Thu 17 Nov 2005 18:20
Title: Message
Sorry, to all our diary readers we've had a right old palaver. Our sat phone went down yesterday with a factory fault-we had to have a new one picked up from Great Yarmouth. Big thanks to our saviour Sean Dunne who's currently making a 10 hour drive there and back.
Hello to all at Ladybarn House School especially Rory and Fraser Cheetham - (be good boys, eat all your school lunches and be nice to Mrs Cooper and Mrs Yeates).
Well the boat's finally getting into shape the preparation has been incredible. We have food stuffed in every space available. There's no chance of losing any weight on this trip.
The nights are as hard as the days,. Fancy dress last night - finished at am and up for work at 6.45am.
There's a big blow forecast for Sunday (when the race starts) on the nose (for those none-yachties that means bouncing into big seas with the boat leaning right over for the first 48 hours.
Ian, Andy and Charlie arrive tonight we're all off to the Beneteau party-another big one. Followed by lifting the boat out and a scrub tomorrow.
Tollers due in tomorrow with all the last minute stuff - finally we'll be complete.
That's it for today Nowcrew-out...