Monday 19th December

Wed 21 Dec 2005 19:36
Title: Message
Ballast Bay - Saint Kitts
Monday morning was spent stocking the boat from the Jolly Harbour supermarket and getting ready for our trip towards the BVI's. With 12 people now on board some serious food shopping was required. The supermarket was very large and inside the marina complex so it was easy to organize.
We spent an hour on the petrol quay on our way out of the harbour. The intention was to fill up while Andy checked out of customs and then leave. However true to form customs ended up being an epic event for Andy as the burocracy of these once British islands continued to frustrate us all. We ended up leaving a little later than we wanted to as a result.
The sail today was a 40 mile into the wind slog up to Saint Kitts. The sun was out, which was a bonus from the last few days and all the girls laid on the back deck getting the tans going at last.
We past between Nevis and Saint Kitts as the sun went down and it was like going through a mine field of lobster pots. Ian as Rory sat on the front deck spotting one after the next almost camouflaged by seaweed and shouting back to the helm with warnings.
We rounded Bugs Hole on the southern tip of Saint Kitts as it went dark and the skipper decided to pull into Ballast Bay and anchor up for the evening.
Ian went into the galley to rustle up a spag bol for 12 as Ron made up one of his famous jugs of rum punch.
It was a fine evening and we all sat around chatting about our first real day at sea. Sarah was delighted she had made it through without getting sick and contemplated a longer sail the following day to Saint Barts.
Nowcrew out.