Tuesday 12th December.

Tue 13 Dec 2005 14:49
Title: Message
At anchor Marin harbour Martinique.
Hangover day.
We had a lovely sail over from Rodney bay to Marin harbour Martinique 25 knots of wind, 2 reefs in the main, full genny and 10 knots of boat speed. Andy, Ian and Nicko were partied-out and feeling a bit sick so Ron took the reins.
We arrived at about 3pm, unfortunately there was no space at the marina so we anchored. Tom and Maureen prepared a lunch of Heinz tomato soup and toast - great hangover food.
Ian, Nicko, Young Tom and Andy pumped up the dinghy and motored across to the marina.
The customs were closed until the morning and we were leaving early so we'd have to chance it.
For such a small place Marin has a reputation for having some fantastic facilities and the rigging shop didn't disappoint - having all we needed to repair the main and winch.
We were so tired couldn't even man a beer ashore opting for a soft drink instead. Martinique looked a lovely place however we needed a good rest so it was back to the boat.
Ian cooked up M&S hot lamb curry with papadams, nan bread, mango chutney and rice all washed down with water - no wine for the boys tonight.
We settled down at anchor to watch Troy on DVD and within half-an-hour everyone was asleep it was 9pm, time for an early night.
Nowcrew out.