Sunday 11th and Monday 12th December

Tue 13 Dec 2005 14:49
Title: Message
In Position Rodney Bay.
Sunday final funday!
Our final full day together was spent getting Now3 ready for the next leg of our trip - washing the bedding, completing the final repairs and stocking up the stores. We employed Maggie to polish the chrome work on deck, Elvis to polish the hull and Albi to touch up the scratches on the hull.
Dave spent most of the day collating all the shots from various peoples digital cameras into one definitive DVD.
Later in the afternoon we all got Del's water taxi down to Spinnakers on the beach front to watch our last sunset together. It was a beautiful evening and as the sky turned bright orange and dropped below the horizon we all agreed that this had been a brilliant (even life-changing) experience.
After a few beers we had dinner at Castaways restaurant on Tom's recommendation - superb, 5 stars - the best of the trip (so far).
Del drove the younger lads back to the marina for a last session, on the way he remarked that of all the crew's we'd had the best time by far! We definitely agreed with him.
In Boson's bar (our favourite) a few last beers we forced down as heads went heavy with fatigue - we'd sailed hard and partied hard - lovin' every minute of it.
The hardcore Charlie, Nicko, Dave and Andy carried on to Scuttlebutts for a nightcap, trying to stretch every last minute of the trip. Finally falling into bed at around 5am.
Monday fond farewells.
Every one was up early, the final laundry picked-up and bags packed.
Customs clearance was it's usual Caribbean style, triplicate forms - pink forms for leaving by boat and yellow for the one's leaving by plane, photocopies of passports and tickets then all signed off at two separate desks.
We waved off Charles, Simon and Dave - 3 Trans-Atlantic sailors. Everyone was highly emotional this had been a one-off experience and now it was over.
A few tears were shed by Andy and Charles who'd re-kindled a relationship they thought they'd lost a few years back, they vowed to never let it happen again!
The rest of the crew prepared for sea as Andy picked up the bill, over $200 (U.S) for 5 days power and water!
Then it was off to sea , we were heading North to Martinique.
As we motored out of the marina entrance there were still boats finishing and we spared a thought for our friends on "About time" who still had 5 days to go.
The quote of the trip was by Charlie and comes from "If "by Rudyard Kipling: "If you can keep your head while all around  are losing theirs, then my son you are a man"
Nowcrew out.