Wednesday 28th December

Fri 30 Dec 2005 21:43
Title: Message
Trellis Bay, Beef Island
Wednesday morning was spent in and around Nanny Cay. We had a few chores to do around the boat and we all went to the marina coffee shop for our breakfast.
Inevitably we set off late for our daily sail. We were heading up to Beef Island today and as the wind was up we opened up all the sails as we left the Marina and tacked up the coastline of Tortola. Ian was getting more experience at the helm as Andy trimmed the sails for maximum performance. Suddenly there was a large bang, the mainsail went limp and we thought the main halliard had snapped. On further inspection we found that the block at the bottom of the mast that the halliard ran through had shattered with the strain that we had put on it. It was a relatively simple task to replace the broken block and within 20 minutes we were sailing again.
We navigated our way into Trellis Bay and pulled up on a moorings buoy. Ian ferried everyone ashore and we all explored the local art and craft shops.
This bay was well known for it's full moon parties and the small beach cafe made some fantastic sandwiches and rotis. We tucked into a late afternoon lunch at the cafe and then headed back to the boat.
By popular demand we set off towards Norman Island with the intention of having drinks on the Willy T boat in the bay there. We did not arrive until after dark and found that every mooring was taken. After circling the bay a few times we decided to drop anchored but halfway through this we had problems with the power to the anchor winch. Instead of try to solve this in the dark we managed to get the anchor up again and set of back to Nanny Cay for the night.
Nowcrew out.