We have arrived

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Tue 17 Dec 2013 19:49

Apologies for the intermission. A few things to do approaching land for the first time in 12 days and settling in to our new home in Grenada.

We made landfall at 1742 (ship time) yesterday and had an absolutely idyllic arrival: ahead of schedule, in time for dinner, sunset, spices blowing off the land, favourite tracks blasting over the stereo, a couple of drinks (modest intake - Tash has a good memory) and a good breeze as we hardened up to sail upwind into Port Louis to find - no-one there to meet us!  One voicemail to Mrs Ceptin (not picked up due to not having the password for international messaging), every communication mode known to man in use by the teenagers (snap chat, text, facebook) BUT no-one actually communicated anything!!!! What is that about?

We docked, made the call and found the welcome party about to dine at their hotel whilst expecting us at midnight.  No problem. The crew downed a bottle waiting for the rest to arrive and we then had a most warm and emotional reunion. Drinks on board (we hadn't managed to drink all the champagne) and dinner ashore in the marina. The skipper faded fast but the crew celebrated in style into the small hours.  Strangely, I did not hear them come back to the boat. The lights were out for quite a while.

The port is enchanting and the marina is the best we have found since leaving the UK....I am so relieved to have a great place to leave KF now.  She has seen us safely over a long voyage and needs a good resting place for the season. Grenada appears to be the Caribbean of all our imaginations. Slightly undiscovered, slightly understated, but unmistakenly a tropical island paradise.

We are very pleased to have arrived safely - and all a bit sad that the crew is going to split up now.  It has been very special in many, many dimensions and none of us will ever forget the experiences we have had together.

There will be more adventures to come. This one has its place. And it is a good one.