2 days out of Mogan

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Fri 29 Nov 2013 14:05
2 days out.  We had wind for an hour at 1230 today but it has died again and we are back under the engine.  All good on board with Alex taking the "mother watch" today.  He has very successfully made his first loaf of bread and hit two of Tash's favourite meals so far (eggy bread for breakfast and Club sandwich for lunch).  Everything is fine but it does now look as though we will have to put in to Cape Verde to re-fuel before we head across.  I have wanted to visit the islands for a while now so am quite keen to stop over there for a day or two anyway. I am going to try to get a photo or two over the sat phone and see how long it takes. 

Tried it and it took too long to send 3 photos.  So trying with just the one 

Alex with his loaf…..