Still trucking along

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Sat 14 Dec 2013 14:05
1145 14th December - 11:38N:54:02W - just eating up the miles. Not sure that I mentioned the 206nm in 24 hours we did to noon yesterday in all the salt water excitement. Any 200+ mile day is a good one. I think we may just surpass the 210 mark today as we have been hitting some good numbers. I hand steered for 3 hours last night and clocked 12.1 knots at some point in the wee hours; not sure if we will get much more than that now as the wind does seem to be abating slightly. Otto (von Helm) has had 13.2 but we discount him 'cos he cheats by hogging the steering all the time and thereby getting all the good gusts.

Everyone is a little tired now and some of us are very tired! This is pretty normal but I am now actively trying to catch up a bit on all the lost hours as it is starting to impact my effectiveness. Also need to be in good shape for partying when we arrive!

Tash is in the galley baking away - rolls, cake, her frozen lasagne de-frosting in the dump sink - so I think we are in for a treat today. This makes it a tough act for me and Alex s to follow tomorrow and Monday. As is usual we have a lot of some things left (pasta) and none of the ingredients you actually need to make anything you decide you would fancy (salad). Anything with colour is off the menu except for oranges and, as a main course at dinner, they do not seem to be very popular for some reason. I think I will head for the frozen prawns and make them spicy enough for people to mistake beer for veg.

Looks flat, feels lumpy….