Wind! And swell!

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Wed 11 Dec 2013 19:32
1715 11th December - 12:02N:44:37W - well, it's swell. We have the wind but we are being chucked around like a rubber duck in an angry toddler's bath tub. When it blows more than 20 knots, Kingfisher simply surges ahead and brushes off all but the worst of it. But, if the wind drops for a moment (and it is still a little unsteady) we have a dreadful set of rollers coming in from the side which add (somewhat randomly) to the trade wind rollers building up nicely off the starboard quarter (where they should be). Net result is a bit painful as we roll from one gunwale to the other about once every minute. Nothing stays put in that…..I don't want to sound like Oliver - but we need the extra wind that is promised tonight. Frankly 30 knots would be nice!

The good news is that is exactly what is forecast- for the next 3 days. We are going to come in fast. We have blue skies, it is cool on deck and we are looking forward to a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the halfway mark tonight. As I write this we have roughly 5nm to go before we are down to the last 1000nm. Milestones matter!

Everything on board is working well and the crew are doing brilliantly. Now, if we could just catch that tuna……..