Wind at last!

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Tue 10 Dec 2013 13:48
1145 10th December - 12:11N:40:47W - in the immortal words of Rod Stewart "WE ARE SAILING". The engine went off just before midnight and will maybe stay that way until we reach Grenada if we are lucky, We had our first Atlantic squall by 0645 this morning - a relatively minor one but still gusting 28 knots at the start and we are now on course for Grenada in 18 knots of wind with a reefed main and genoa, plenty of movement, clear skies and every sign that this is now here to stay. New ETA for Port St Louis is 16th December. We have taken 6 days to get very nearly halfway across and the next 1,200nm is going to go quite a bit faster. We are now averaging 8 knots over the ground and are not yet in the full force of the promised wind. Kingfisher is just getting herself going…….