On to Marina del Este

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Thu 7 Nov 2013 08:49
On the morning of the 7th, we stocked up with some fresh supplies. It took a while to find any shops that sold any kind of food at all - no-one spoke a word of English and the skipper had to do a lot of miming to get a meagre selection of odd food from a range of very strange places. There was nowhere, for example, that sold tea…… !  We set off promptly after breakfast (with coffee) for Marina del Este just after 10.00 am. It was, once again, a beautiful sunny day…..and, once again, a head wind!  We motored directly into it with a relatively calm sea state aiming to get to our destination before nightfall.  We arrived on schedule during yet another wonderful sunset and were given a berth in the very pretty marina.

A great berth in a lovely place

We had decided to spend the whole of the next day exploring the surrounding area and some of the Andalucian hills with a rental car so we were all looking forward to 24 hours doing something other than sailing. John cooked a fantastic fish pie on board and we watched the movie Parker before turning in for one of the quietest nights I have ever spent on a boat. The marina is totally sheltered and there was not a sound all night (as far as I can tell having been asleep for most of it!).  Below is a picture of John, with his pie….