Day sailing to Rubicon 19 Nov

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Tue 19 Nov 2013 13:27
What a difference a little sleep can make! We had a meal aboard last night, watched Wedding Crashers and then crashed ourselves into 10 hours of kip without experiencing zero gravity even once during the whole night. Everyone woke up a little dazed but, once fully awake, in very good spirits. I am really pleased that we had the 4 days but equally delighted that we are now "champagne sailing" on a broad reach with 15 knots and an almost totally flat sea in the lee of Lanzarote as we cruise down to Rubicon on the South coast of Lanzarote. No more than 3 hours on passage, good sunshine, a clean boat and a good chance to do man overboard drills (which I intend to impose on my unsuspecting crew after we have had lunch under way}. Rubicon has a good reputation so we are hoping for a bit of a night out tonight and will perhaps explore Lanzarote or maybe go diving tomorrow.

The skipper is running a "hands off" day today so I am finally getting to read my book….wonderful stuff, flat water and the enthusiasm of youth.