Day off in Rubicon

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Wed 20 Nov 2013 19:22
We had a great meal in the TexMex last night; the only big decisions involved the question of whether to eat one Burrito or two. The collective selection of one was later regarded, with the benefit of hindsight, as wise by some and foolish by others……

We awoke at different times this morning - largely because Ben set his multi-time zone watch to the wrong bloody zone and woke the stern up at 0630 rather than 0730. Surprisingly good tempered banter followed this incident only because the skipper had foreseen the foolishness of watching "300" the night before and gone to bed at 21.00, thus offsetting the ill effects. Ben, the culprit, was in no position to complain. All four of us had a quick breakfast and walked around the marina to the dive centre. A lovely Polish girl, called Igar (semantic sister of Igor but no obvious relation and anyway pronounced Eager!) took us under her wing as a project for the morning and really gave us a good refresher briefing and dive before we went out to the "Flamingo Wall". The water was, as she explained, fresh….but clear and filled with a pleasing array of Atlantic marine life. We did not stand out too badly amongst the German dive trip groups doing "technical" dives and placing metaphorical towels all over the sun beds. Igar looked after us superbly well and we all ended up with a very worthwhile experience and a serious appetite. The ensuing lunch caused a logical siesta requirement and we are now slowly waking up again at different times and speeds. Alex has already been for a run; Ben is running now; Tash and the skipper never intended to run at all and are feeling very fit as a result.

We are about to leave our berth and cross over to the reception pontoon to pay our dues, eat a quick meal and leave for Gran Canaria. We have decided to go tonight in order to get the night sailing out of the way and arrive in Mogan during daylight hours tomorrow. This has the added advantage of giving us a clear day to get ready to welcome the new Alex (Hunt) on board and scrub the boat from stem to stern in preparation for the arrival of the true Commander of the Fleet (and her enforcer, known to fearful mariners as Millicent) at 1830 on the 22nd. We sail to serve……..