Onwards to Cartegena

Kingfisher 2013
Peter Smith
Sun 3 Nov 2013 12:27
2 Nov - We left our mooring in Puerto de Sabina at 1200 on Saturday and had an unfortunate encounter with a sharp concrete edge on a fuel dock, putting the first scratches into Kingfisher's topsides. Nothing more than cosmetic but hugely annoying after over two years without so much as a graze in the gel coat. Eventually left harbour at 1245 and set sail in immaculate conditions - sunshine, 15 knots of wind and blue sky. With the wind now against us however, the quick dash to Alicante that would have taken around 8 hours on the previous day now looked like a more laborious task. Kingfisher will only tack through 110 degrees at best so we have to travel a lot further to sail into the wind. We decided to get Bob to Cartagena in order to drive, via Grenada, to catch his flight from Malaga on Monday evening. Beautiful conditions all day, all night and all the next day but we ended up having to motor the last 50 nm in order to get into port before midnight on Sunday.