Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Sun 26 Aug 2012 21:28

Igor @ 50:42.380N 1:30.146W

This morning brought us perfect sailing weather -- sun and 15kts of wind. We left Weymouth around 10am in direction East with wind in our backs. With forecasted gusts of up to 20kts, the parasailor option was cast aside in favor of goosewinging. This being the second time on this trip, the preparations were much shorter. Here's a short list, as we'll no doubt forget this over the winter:
- The outer genoa sheet is led out between the deck and the lower guardrail wire, at the height of the midship cleat (otherwise the sheet rubs on the guardrail).
- The inner genoa sheet is led over the guard rail on the side which the sail will be on, ready to be fixed to the front cleat (to prevent the spinnaker pole from hitting the shrouds).
- The spinnaker pole is unclipped at the bottom bracket of the mast. Meanwhile the genoa is unrolled about 1.5m to 2m. The pole is the clipped to the genoa sheet loop.
- Then simultaneously, the genoa is unrolled further, the sheet is tightened and the pole is lower on the mast side.
- In the final position, the inner genoa sheet and the uphaul are tightened to prevent the genoa from travelling.

When retracting the pole, remember to fix the uphaul on the mast side, prior to unclipping the pole from the sail. With this setup, we reached speeds up to 9kts at 20kts of wind. We were surprised to see that it was possible to sail a wind course down to 130°, on the genoa side.

As we arrived there, the Marina in Yarmouth was full of boats coming or leaving. The personnel was very busy directing the incoming boats to free berths, and more than once it looked like collisions were imminent. Fortunately we were able to temporarily tie up to a boat of similar size, and enjoy a cup of tea before proceeding to our alloted space.

After the obligatory "town"-tour (a couple of streets in each direction), Hannah and I decided to take the dinghy for a ride up the river. Along the way, we ran into a regatta of a home for elderly people. Some people looked so old they can probably barely stand on their own, but everyone was super competitive, so we had to zig-zag around as no one would give way.

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