Day 3,4
Wed 25 Nov 2009 22:57
The sailing during the night was as fast as during the day before. I had the early morning watch and have enjoyed the sun rise.
We have 3 watch teams  : Marko & Boris, Jure & Matjaz and myself alone. During the day from 8 to 20 the watch is 4 hours and during the night 3 hours. This way we have 3 nights in a row watches at different times and then the cycle goes on.  And everybody gets 6 hour sleep  per night.
At 11am we made a turn to the west and are sailing goose wings ( butterfly) We still have strong winds from 20 to 25 knots with occasional gusts up to 30 knots. This is too much to put the spinnaker on.
We were looking at the positions of the boats an saw that majority of the skippers took the straight line towards St. Lucia contrary to us. We selected the option to go fast
towards the steady trade winds which blow below the 20 degrees north. From now we are on the direct course and every mile will count.
Jure prepared an excellent meal - pork fillet steaks with the
mixture of potatos, finochio and parmigiano cheese, baked in the oven.
During the night we had a problem with the furl as we could not shorten the genua sail. I left it to solve in the morning
and had hardly any sleep after it happened. Finally it was not that bad as I feared. The unused spinnaker halyard had too much slack and started rolling around genova at its top - blocking it, which we did not see at night.
This morning was again sunny with the same wind so we continued without a spinnaker. Today we saw one yacht
crossing our way towards south. The pleasant part was that
crew was having a  shower while the generator and water maker were running full power.
The feeling of being clean inspired Jure to prepare an extraordinary meal, already one day before  Thanksgiving.
Beef filets with goose lever and avocado with cous cous as a side. I contributed a sacred bottle of St. Christina, excellent red wine from Tuscany.
The wind is decreasing to 15 to 20 knots now in the evening, but the night is very dark and we shall keep our spinnaker under the bed - to have a peaceful night with one or two knots less speed. Safety first !
We have received the  positions of all boats and we are now somewhere in the midlle of the fleet regarding the miles to sail to St. Lucia. Quite an improvement after the first 2 days.