Gin's quest for wind...
Thu 17 Jun 2010 16:33
Since looking at the weather charts and even sacrificing a bird ( see our previous blog) did not help and since Peter
was bored working on his tan, he decided to use an alternative approach.
The wind gods appreciated his Benny Goodman inspired impression of the Indian wind dance.
While the performance was outstaning, these gods still needed some days to implement our wishes.
Why it took so long we will never know and we could do nothing but to accept our destiny.
Finally at last we found a good wind that will company us until Saturday (knock on wood!).
Probably we will arrive in Falmouth somewhere Thuesday.
We were just complaining that this ocean is completely empty, for days we did not see ships or animals.
Suddenly however there was a whale at 4 meters from the boat! It was apparantly also a little surprised to see us, 
it came closer to about 2 meters, lifted its head, said 'como estas' (apparantly it was Spanish) and swam away.
Marvelous. And very, very close.
While I am writing this blog, we are rehearsing a Muppet show play. Our Swedish cook is preparing our dinner (we are
having avocado as starter, steak with cabage, carots and rice). The cook made carots fly trough the kitchen.
And of course are Statler & Walldorf very generous with their comments!