Weymouth, day 2

Sat 25 Aug 2012 20:04
Igor @ Weymouth

We took the day off sailing because of a gale warning for the area around Portland. So instead we slept in late and then Peter and I went about fixing the rear toilet, which was leaking fresh water. Initially, we thought that the electric switch which closes the water supply broke, but when we took it apart (by chance, really), we noticed that there was debris stuck in it, which prevented the valve to shut completely. Removing it fixed the issue.

In the afternoon, Hannah and I went sightseeing. We first walked over to the Nothe Fort, one of the former military outposts used for guarding the Portland harbour. Aside from a very nice view of the harbour, the exhibition explains the role of the Nothe port in specific, and the Portland harbour in general, in defending the south coast of England. As I love military history in general, I really enjoyed this outing.

Afterwards, we went for a walk in town. It was the middle of the day, and more lively than last night. Although I'm convinced this must be a popular destination for tourists, it looked more like people going about their everyday business. At one point or another, everyone, from toddler to granny were standing on the side of the pavement, eating fish and chips. We followed the old proverb "When in Rome..." and did the same, but couldn't quite pull off the british lower middle class. :) So instead we went into a pub to watch Chelsea vs. Newcastle -- not much better.

(Picture: Nothe Fort)

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