Back to Europe - 2
Mon 10 May 2010 12:00
On Saturday the  easterly winds continued to be light, between 8 and 12 knots and we made 6 to 7 miles per hour. In the afternoon the wind decreased to 5 to 8 knots and at midnight it was less than 5 knots.
Igor struggled to get the  boat moving and could make only 2 - 3 miles in an hour. We studied again the weather forecasts and the weather maps and saw this low wind area stretching over 100 miles in front of us. The decision was made to turn the motor on and continue in the
"economy mode" at the speed of  6,5knots. Now it is Monday morning and we are still motoring, expecting the cold front to reach us. During last night we saw a lot of  very distant lightning on the northwest.The wind has turned to SW and is now at 4-6 knots, still not enough to enable enjoyable sailing.
The weather is nice all the time with a few scattered clouds. It is no longer hot and the night watch is in jeans and fleece. The water temperature dropped below 24 degrees from 28 in the BVI's.
The  ocean is full of algae swimming on the surface and it is impossible to use the trolling gear. So no sushi to be served this week or delicious raw tuna  salad like the one Stephanie made in St. Barth. The ocean looks like a big blue blanket with  many light green patches in sizes from 0.5m to several tens of meters.
Yesterday menues were light. Igor was serving Greek salad for lunch and zucchini on butter with beef francs for dinner. The starter was fresh mango.
During the night we produced 900 liters of water. The 2 diesels and the high pressure pump from the watermaker were making quite a few decibels of noise. Despite that the sleeping intervals were fully used.
Hoping to reach the wind zone soon and stop the engine...