Day 9
Tue 1 Dec 2009 18:58
Another night without any ship in sight, just the endless
ocean with 2-4 m waves with white crests rolling from aft
and under the yacht - in the silvery light of the full moon.The wind  from broad reach (nearly from behind) with the force  5 - 6 Bf stretching the full main sail and reffed genua,  pushing GIN'S to follow the waves.
 Autopilot took over the steering
keeping the angle to the wind constant so no adjustments of sails  are necessay unless there would be s significant wind shift. Then corrections are done with a button on the steering console or with the remote control (like changing the TV program).  If then one has to adjust the sail the button for the winch is pressed to shorten the sheets. Or one simply sets a new waypoint one the chart plotter and asks autopilot to follow it. This is called button sailing and is very convenient
for retired managers, who have nobody left to command.
However, there is some intellectual work to be done. Weather reports need to be studied daily, both short term
ones (24, 48 hours) and the longer term one (5 days)
Another task is energy management. The crew of  5 "spoiled
managers" with 2 cooks who compete in creating even fancier menus and where just mentioning something like
spagetti meal earns a destroying look, is energy consuming.
Thanks God GIN'S was equiped with a small power plant  (a
6kW diesel one ) which is in operation for 5 to 6 hours a day to enable cooking, bread baking, fresh water making, 2 fridges, lights inside and navigational lights, electric, toilets, and the navigational instruments, including the radar. As  there are no ships around us we use radar at night to detect and observe the movement of squall clouds. Management of electricity means that we  have to monitor which users may
be connected to the power plant at a given point of time.
Today's menu : breakfast - raw fish with lemon, soya and wasabe sauces, butter&honey with fresh baguettes, green tea or Nespresso coffee..
Lunch : fish soup, filets of mahmahi fried on butter, rice with mushrooms and avocado slices and oranges as dessert.
Looking forward to pass the 38 degrees West which means that we have crossed half of the Atlantic ocean in 8.5 days.
We put in function the new bread baking appliance. You throw in the flour mixture, add water and tell it that you expect a wake up smell of freshly baked bread at 7:30 am.
Technology working for you...