Days 10, 11,
Thu 3 Dec 2009 10:48
On Monday we had strong winds in the right direction. We sailed with main and shortened genua  (goose wings) and
made a good progress ..Just before midnight we were crossing the 38 degrees west, which meant that half of the Atlantic ocean was behind us.
On Tuesday ( day 10 )the wind started shifting and was weaker.This was the time when we should have hoisted the spinnaker if we still had  one.
We also seem to have finished our fish diet as for a couple of days there was no fish on the string.
Days are still nice and sunny. We have not yet had rain,
but it is getting humid and hot during the day.  There are still big waves ( 2 to 4 m ) and our voyage is very rolly. GIN'S is
continously shaking and the mast is leaning up to 30 degrees in any direction. As the result both sails flap with
loud noise which is even amplified down in the cabins. In addition, for whatever reason we could not fold our propeller
so it is running the whole time adding to the noise level (and slowing the boat ). In these waves we cannot dive to fold it manually so I will listen to it till we reach St. Lucia, since it rotates just below my bed.
On  Wednesday  afternoon the wind became even weaker and we only made 157 miles.. We need a spinnaker ....
It is depressing to listen to flappy sails. English say:  Flappy sails, unhappy sails.. I do not know how much of this stress can a sail take ?
Our cooks decided to cheer us up with an excellent meal.
We had beef filets and as a side there were artichokes
hearts with slices of bacon, covered with parmigiano and garlic, prepared in the oven. A bottle of Rioha added to the spirit of the team. During the night we have crossed the 1000 miles to go line. The first 4 or 5 boats are expected to reach St. Lucia on Friday. Among them are Swan 70 and Wally 80
with professional crews. We may still need 7 or 8 days if the wind would not get stronger.
Do not worry, we have enough food, drinks and diesel... and good nerves !