Crosshaven / Cork
Fri 17 Aug 2012 07:24

Igor: Change of Crew in Crosshaven (51:48.295N 8:18.027W) -- Sasi and Irena are leaving, Igor and Hannah are coming on board.

Yesterday, we've been sightseeing in Cork, Ireland's seconds biggest city. The center is rather small, and all the architectural feats (mostly churches) were seen in the course of the morning. In the afternoon, we visited the "world-famous and renowned" Blarney castle. The legend (or marketing) tells us that whoever kisses the "Stone of Blarney" atop the ruins of the tower will be gifted with eloquence.

The sailing destination for today is Kinsale, about 15 miles SW of our current position. The weather is less than optimal: Waves up to 3.5m coming from SW, 30kts of SW wind -- yeay, it will be a bumpy ride.