St. Mary's (Isles of Scilly)
Mon 20 Aug 2012 18:36
Igor @ 49:55.159N 6:18.798W

There's nothing like seeing land after 150 miles and 24h of open water.

As the waters around the islands are really shallow, we were expecting to anchor in a bay westwards off St. Mary's. Instead the harbour has been dug out to support vessels up to 60 feet, so we opted for a buoy here instead, which in addition gave us the opportunity to mess around with the tender.

The water temperature here is also 14.5 degrees, but that did not stop a whole bunch of british tourists from bathing in the sea. I guess you take what you get.

The rest of the day was spent discovering the island -- there's an old fort, lots of nice flowers, cute little shops and (a favorite for Peter) a sailing club which uses Wayfarer sailing boats (just like we used to have back in the day).